Darjeeling teas 21:48

It was a continuation from yesterday.
I had 3sets tasting of Darjeeling teas.
1) Three season Giddapahar, 1st, 2nd and autumnal.
2) The second of Giddapahar, Castleton and Barnsbeg.
3) The autumnal of Margaret's hope, Barnsbeg and Giddapahar.


In this tasting, The 1st was better than 2nd and autumnal.
And weak taste like Bernsberg was unfavorable.
I liked the 1st of Giddapahar.
I think the 2nd and autumnal teas were better matched cookies and cream cakes than 1st.
I should improve my tasting skill.
More importantly, I had better enjoy Darjeeling teas one by one


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Darjeeling teas 21:12

I had three Darjeeling 1st teas.
From left; Edenvale, Giddapahar and Dilaram.
All teas looked bright green and little red.
Im interested in these light fermentation.
Because, these had rich scent and taste.
I like Giddapahar.

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puer 10:34

The sun set, sea side and puer tea

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Nepali green tea 18:06

Namaste !!
Ma ajha Taiyaki kinnu with mero Chili friend
Nepali friend ko green chiya dherai mitho


Today, I bought Taiyaki with my Cjili friend
Nepali friend's green tea matched well
Thank you for all

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Variable tea 11:40

I bought this puer cake by my friend
And this was in low price
I brew it deeply every day


This year, I got a work of tea party
I proposed to brew his tea
The client understood my proposal and the client hoped to brew one's tea by oneself
And the client hoped friendship with I and the lecturer
But, the lecturer run his way for his best
He selected another persons to brew and I and the client did not know the things
His teas were very valuable, so, teas of me and the client had to turn down
The progress of the party was terrible
The tea party was sad result


What is valuable tea ?

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Hymal white tea 11:35

Namaste !!
Ma padhnu Nepali bhasa
Ajha, ma padhnu " hos"
Nepali white chiya piunuhos
Nepali black chiya napiunuhos


Hello !!
This morning, I had two white teas
Left made from Ilam, Nepal
and right was Doke Tea from India
Both teas had Himal taste and fruity
I felt that left was little fire and right was little greenish
I think that the end of process ,oxidase deactivation was very difficult in white tea
Fire taste removed greenish, while fine greenish taste made fruity
But, I had to go to study for Chinese harbal medicine
Then, I brewed these teas again after I came home
So, The left felt like moonlight white, Yue guang bai
and the right was felt more fruity
It was very interesting !!

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Jalam tea 21:19

I had ripe puer tea, in which was send by JalamTeas
Jeff Fuchs got this tea when he went to Bulang mountain in 2015, summer
He was traveling around the tea horse road and

the tea production area, Yunnan, India and more

I interested in him
Because, some Darjeeling tea estate's owners said " Mr.Jeff came "
Then I ordered his tea


I got the atmosphere of Yunnan from his tea

I felt it sweet, round and warmy
I like it

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Darjeeling teas 21:11

Today, I had three Darjeeling teas
These teas were felt Himal taste
From left
Junpana 2016,1st, was woody, stright and clear,I like it
Goomtee 2016.2nd was muscatel, matching with milk well
Giddapahar 2016.2nd was felt fire and fruit
Thank you

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Doke tea 07:02

I had Doke Tea
I felt these tea were different from Himal taste
From left, Rolling thunder, Silver needle, Black fusion and Diamond green
I like white tea, Silver needle, as soft and sweet taste
The green tea, Diamond green, was interesting as it like raw puer tea
The oolong tea, Rolling thunder, was not like oolong, but it was good
Thank you Rajiv Lochan !!

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Himalayan green tea 10:25

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